The FIRST Vietnamese Restaurant in Peterborough!

We are proudly to serve Peterborough community since 2011

We are specialized in making Phở. Phở or Pho is one of the most famous Vietnamese street food in Vietnam, it is served in a bowl with flat rice noodles in the clear beef broth, and with thin slice of rare beef, beef brisket, beef ball, Chicken or beef tripe. However, it is hard to find authentic Pho or Vietnamese food in Peterborough, people in Peterborough need to get the authentic Vietnamese food in Toronto.

Therefore, our team would like to bring in authentic, healthy Vietnamese and Southeast Asian food to Peterborough. All the food is carefully prepared by our experienced and talented team who has ten years experience in Vietnamese Restaurant. Making fresh, healthy and delicious food always is our top priority. Come visit us and have your wonderPhở day!