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Dear Guests

Our policies laid out below are to make our guests and staff know that we are doing everything we can to make everyone as safe as possible. Our goal here is to take all the necessary precautions without anyone feeling like Ng Saigon Boys is a restrictive and unwelcome environment.  The food, the warmth of service, the environment will still be what many have come to love about this restaurant, but behind the scenes we are going above and beyond so that neither guests' experience or their health are at risk.


All guests are required to provide proof of vaccination at arrival. 

·      All employees undergo health  checks before entering the restaurant. If they present signs of illness they will not enter the building. 

·     A strict Hygiene Protocol training has been implemented for all employees. Masks are worn by employees inside the restaurant, and all employees follow strict hygiene protocol at all times (hand washing after serving and clearing, before preparing drinks etc.)

·     Only designated staff have access to the kitchen pass and are permitted to deliver food to guests.

·     All surfaces within the restaurant are sanitized thoroughly at frequent intervals, and between each use. Washrooms are sanitized every 20 minutes, and windows are opened to provide air flow at regular intervals.

·     All guests are asked to maintain physical distancing. Masks are required unless seated. · 

·     Payment processing pin pads are sanitized before and after each use. Touchless payment is offered and encouraged.

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